How does Casa Particular work ?

Cuban, who would like to rent rooms necessitate a license. This license is very highly and overall taxed. You recognize owners of a license by a blue sign with the label "ARRENDADOR INSCRIPTO DIVISAS". Each room must have a minimum standard (attached Bath with shower), its condition is checked by an inspector usually several times in the month. Such a room may be rented by maximally two persons of full age. Often there is another bed for children.
The prizes for the rooms are between 20 and 30 CUC (Peso Convertible).

What expects me in a Casa Particular?

First of all a big family. Cuban people normally (for our comprehension) have a huge family.
If you spend a longer time in a Casa particular you will get to know the main part of this family.
Hospitality. Cuban are very hospitable and try to fulfil desires of their guests, as far as this lies in their possibilities.
Helpfulness. No matter if the inner tube has a hole, a cab is needed or the next exchange office is searched, there always is a solution. The uncle is a cab driver, the cousin repaires bikes and the grandaunt is working at the Cadeca…


If the Casa Particular has the adequate license there is the opportunity to have breakfast and/or dinner.
Mostly the breakfast consists of fruits (pineapple, bananas, mango, papaya, guava / regionally different depending on what to buy on the markets), bread, butter, cheese, sausage and eggs in all variations. The prizes diversify between 3 and 5 CUC.
For dinner is cooked whatever the guests wants to eat, the quality of the dinner is depending on the hosts culinary art. Total flops we experienced only very rarely and were mostly self-inflicted (spaghetti with sauce in a rural region). Cuban food is generally tasty, because their ingredients are mostly a result of bio cultivation (German).

Who lives in proximity of the ocean should ask for fish, our advice is pargo, bonito and atun. Otherwise there are chicken (pollo), pork (cerdo), goat (cabra). If offered choose always congris (rice with beans), in addition there is fried green bananas or sweet potato, vegetables and salad depending on local market condition, absolutely ask for quimbombó. The meal is served in oversize deals, after it was prepared for hours. Don’t care about the left-over on the dishes there are fat swine’s in opposite and dogs under the table which also want something to eat. The costs for dinner diversify between 6-8 CUC.

How look like the rooms ?

Normally the rooms are very simple but optimal matched on climate and environment. Standard is a bed and an attached Bathroom. Closet, air conditioning and a refrigerator are extravagance. Almost the patio, terrace and the living room or also the garden can be shared. Mostly there is a rocking chair on which you can sit comfortably and directly at the family happening. It will be cleaned constantly and without intermission, the apartment is always squeaky clean. At least the second day the host, no matter if graduated or simple farmer, vested with her nightdress turn up and wants to ask the way of preparation for eggs, coffee or for dinner, the contact is easy going and familial.

Communication, Internet and Phone

Normally you can’t make telephone call from the houses. At the office of ETECSA there is the possibility to buy a phone card (10 or 20 CUC), they are needed for telephone calls in a callbox for cards. The dialling procedure 119-49-GERMANYPREFIXWITHOUTNULL-NUMBER. A telephone call is very expensive, with a 20 CUC card you can not even call for five minutes. The best way is to announce the number of the house to get a call back. Internet is nearly nowhere available, at the local ETECSA offices there is the opportunity to buy cards for 6 CUC, with which you can surf for one hour (navegar por internet).

Horse riding on Cuba

The best way to see the country with its impressive nature is on a horse. There are 2 different horse races on Cuba, Apaloosa and Pinto Cubano. Those horses have a lower figure, but strong, arduous and sure footedness. You will learn this fast, appreciate and love it. From some houses riding trips can be organized (i.e. in Vinales). The costs for a day ride are between 20-30 CUC.