Population 53104 inhabitants

The community of Banes is one of fourteen communities in the province of Holguin. Banes is located in the northern region of the province, in the south it borders on Antilla, in the east on Gibara, in the north borders the community to the Atlantic ocean. Overall Banes has an expansion of 550 km2. The homonymous city Banes was established in 1887. In the war of independence Banes 1896 was destroyed and developed 1898 again. The landscape in Banes is to the sea very flat, to the interior hilly, the highest point is the pan de Samá with 290 meters.

The birthplace from dictator Fulgencio Batista is Banes, who's dictatorship ended in 1959 through the revolution. In 1948 Fidel Castro married the daughter of the conservative major from Banes in the church “Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad”, after six years the marriage was divorced.

The economical base of Banes is agriculture (particularly sugar cane), trade and in the last years tourism. In particular the beaches from Guardalavaca, which have some luxury hotels.

Our heart felt in love with Banes, its very countrified and absolutely calm. In Banes there is virtually no tourism. Banes is the right choice for people who want to see the east of Cuba in its pure culture. From Banes you can reach two beautiful beaches per bicycle (or car): Morales and Puerto Rico.

Casa particular from Sergio and Lydia

Our advice in Banes is the house from Sergio Aguilera, Calle Iglesia # 4089, Rpto Nicaragua, Banes, Holguin, Cuba.

Phone from Germany: 0053 24 80 2472

The house has 2 rooms, in each case a separate bath with warm water, air conditioning and a private parking lot. Furthermore the larger room has its own refrigerator. Catering is available.

Prizes 20.- CUC room/night
Breakfast 4.- CUC
Dinner 6-10 CUC

If required there are 2 mountain bikes for rent.

Reservation per mail to:

Sergio and his wife are nice and cooperative people, who speak some English.

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